About The Latina Cook

I’m a Food Stylist and Home Economist have worked with Brands such as the BBC, Tastemade, UNILAD, Levi Roots, Groovy Foods Company, CoYo & AmaVida and Olly Smith. For Food styling enquiries please contact me: natalie@thelatinacook.com

 You can also find me presenting South American recipes for: Tastemade UK!



This blog all started because I was cooking fried bananas in front of my two housemates and they had never seen anyone fry a banana before… I couldn’t believe it! Its a healthy low-calorie dessert that my mum (who is Brazilian) used to make me almost every day! I realised that most people are totally unaware of the majority of the delicious Brazilian (and in turn South-American) recipes out there.

So I set myself a challenge to blog about the recipes I grew up eating, and which I knew my friends would love. I grew up in Venezuela and moved to Somerset, England when I was 14. I’m fluent in Portuguese and Spanish but sadly I have a “gringa” accent when I speak! 


Most people don’t realise what Brazilian or South-American food is (no fajitas do not count, Mexico is actually in North America!) I quickly realised that South-American food is completely overlooked for it’s nutritious qualities and it’s some of the yummiest and healthiest food in the world…. Chia seeds, açaí, lúcuma, cacao, maca, pity, guarana and even Avocados all hail from South America! I wanted to get the word out here in the UK about all kinds of South American food which is absolutely delicious. Ceviche is now extremely popular in the UK but there is still so much else out there including delicious cakes I grew up with that are unheard of over here!!!

After working behind the scenes for a year at Great British Bake Off it further reignited my passion for food and I decided I really wanted to get more people interested in yummy Latin food. Lots of things on this blog I’m discovering or making for the first time which is really exciting and a bit of an experiment! 

Since starting this blog I’ve been interviewed by Soho Radio, My Insiders and Global Blue about my website. I appeared in the August issues of the HelloFresh Magazine as well as EasyJet Magazine and now you can find me presenting Brazilian recipes for Tastemade UK  & WildDish!







I hope these recipes inspire you to want to try different Latin foods for the first time!

Thanks for reading,

Natty x