Barcelona’s Best Instagrams


For the twins Birthday this year we all went to celebrate for a long weekend in Barcelona (you can read all about last year’s trip to Portugal here.) 10 of us completely gorged on Sangria, Paella, Tapas and Red Wine and it is now definitely one of my favourite cities in Europe. I wayyyy preferred it to Madrid which I went to a few years ago, as the whole city has a very youthful modern art vibe. The BEST part of the whole trip for me was our visit to “La Boqueria” a world famous food market first opened in Barcelona in 1217. I’ve been wanting to visit for YEARS and finally got the opportunity…. Here are a few of my recommendations for good places to go and snap photos for Instagram (and of course visit generally) during a weekend in Barca!

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See the Tiles in the Zona Monumental at Parc Güell

We turned up here on the first day and they had run out of tickets so we begrudgingly booked for the next day. (Book ahead to avoid disappointment.) In the morning we weren’t sure if we could all be bothered to head back as its a bit out of the city centre (£10 euro taxi) but I’m soooooo glad we did. The sights are fantastic and the beautiful tiles are stunning.  Tickets are 8 euros.


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Eat at La Boqueria

Famous food market which needs no introduction. My biggest regret was not buying the iberico ham in a cup but I did treat myself with fresh Pitaya to munch on which was DELICIOUS. From seafood and tapas to pastries and healthy smoothies there is something for everyone. If you want to take an instagram in front of a stall I suggest paying for something first but they are quite relaxed about photos.

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Party at the W Hotel

Easily best place to have a civilised drink and the music is AMAZING later on when the whole bar area becomes a nightclub. This is a snap of Vicki and I on our way there after dinner. Dress to impress! (Trust me on that one.) Trust me the views are so amazing you will want to go back again!

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Order Paella on the Beach

For some reason looking out at the sea makes gives me a great deal of comfort when ordering any Seafood.  We tried El Pacifico where I loved how the evenly divided our portions for us, but I’m sure there are others worth trying. The perfect portions were perfect for snapping!

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Shop near Casa Batlo

I am not a big fan of Gaudi’s style of Art Nouveau architecture but loved Casa Batlo because it is conveniently located on Barcelonas equivalent of Bond Street. The buildings and shops that surround it are equally beautiful but just don’t go on a Sunday like we did as all the shops are firmly shut all day. My favourite shop was the amazing üterque. Also the architecture is just so deserving of a picture (even if it’s not to your taste.)

Can’t wait for next year’s trip and for us to come back again!

Happy Birthday Ellie & Steffie!!!!