The Pedi Colada – Bliss Spa


With Brazilian Olympic inspired madness sweeping London I am so pleased to see Brazilian beauty treatments cropping up all over salons in London. I LOVE beauty treatments, especially ones with natural ingredients and a South American influence. They are so forward thinking with health & beauty over there, especially in Brazil, women love taking care of themselves and are always trying something new.

Bliss Spa recently announced the launch of The Rio Trio, a new summer menu which features Brazilian inspired treatments on offer until 30th of September and I would have kicked myself if I didn’t book myself in for one.  According to Bliss the three targeted Brazilian inspired treatments will “leave you wanting to samba yourself from Chelsea to Copacabana.”

Treatments on the menu include a classic Brazilian Hot Wax – £56, 30 mins. A ‘pedi’-colada (£65, 60mins), including a coconut milk soak, coconut shell scrub, hot sea shell massage and polish; and the Brazilian Butt Buff (£30, 15 mins), which includes a  a hot salt scrub, fruit acid peel following by a vitiminised 02 mask and intense moisturisation. It’s essentially a facial for your bum, so you can get rid of any blemishes in order to take the perfect holiday “belfie.”

I’ve tried plenty of Waxes before so I opted for the Pedi-Colada, which comes with a complementary Piña Colada, which you can have either with or without Alcohol. I REALLY wanted to try the “Butt Buff” but as I wasn’t going on holiday anytime soon I didn’t think it would be worth it, I definitely would do it though as they are supposed to be great for getting your bum looking bikini beautiful!

The salon is really gorgeous and tucked away in South Ken, I loved the decor. Without a doubt the pedicure was fantastic, the technician I had really paid attention to detail, they also have so many colours to choose from including a gorgeous Orange-y Red which I LOVED called – “Braziliant.” The scrub itself is made of sugar and coconut and wasn’t too abrasive which I really liked, but that said, they nipped away at all dead skin, going over bits that exfoliator didn’t get so it was a really thorough experience. They hot soak and massage afterwards left my feet really silky…. I also have a feeling this pedicure is going to last for ages (you can just tell from looking at it.) Someone asked me if it was shellac! Overall I really enjoyed my experience and would come again, it was a great pedicure and the service was fab, I hope they keep the Pedi-Colada treatment after the Olympics is done.

For more information call Bliss on 020 7590 6146. The menu is available until 30 September so get booking!