The Inca Garden – Hampton Court Flower Show


Today is the first day of the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show! I was given a press preview to report on the Inca Garden at the Hampton Court Flower Show, designed by Jennifer Jones. The garden was inspired by the ancient Inca civilisation of Peru, who were real pioneers in botany and horticulture. Jones’ wanted to recreate the experience of explorer Hiram Bingham who first discovered the “lost” citadal of Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes in 1911. She wanted her garden to evokes a sense of adventure, travel and exploration of a mysterious historic culture.


We were given yummy beef empanadas and Jennifer was on hand to explain the layout of the garden to us…. Tropical foliage surrounds the garden’s entrance and when you walk through it unveils a three-tiered terrace which gives you the feeling of discovering the famous terraces of Machu Picchu. The garden was planted with traditional South American crops including maize, golden berries, quinoa, and even the very rare peruvian mint! Jones’ was so friendly and took her time out to show me it as I’d never even heard of it before. She also showed me the quinoa….  I absolutely loved seeing the fresh quinoa! It’s actually a beautiful crop… Jones’ explained that the intricate stone walls pay homage to the trademark work of the first Inca masons and the sound of falling water was added to create a peaceful atmosphere and completes the four principles (sun, moon, earth and water) which the Incas believed originated from their mother earth goddess who they called Pachamama.



If you want to check out the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show it is running from the  5th – 10th of July tickets are £31.50 and you can buy them HERE . They have loads of amazing features at the flower show like a butterfly dome, presented alongside stunning floral and garden displays, talks and demonstrations by celebrity gardeners, food trucks and more!

The Inca Garden was sponsored by Journey Latin America and by British Airways as a celebration of the first ever direct flights between the UK and Peru! As of May 2016 British Airways will be offering three flights per week from London direct to Lima. (If you want Ceviche you need to get booking people!!!)

Journey Latin America's Inca Garden (with JLA & BA logo)


PS Thanks to RHS for having me!