The Coconut Oil Blowdry


A few weeks ago I got sent this Coconut Oil Blowdry Kit from The Groovy Food Company. I have been itching to try it out since as I have gotten used to using Moroccan Oil on my hair and haven’t used Coconut Oil to moisturise my hair for a loooong time. I tend to use it on my way to the beach in Brazil and wash it out in salt water to protect my hair from the sun… so I wanted to see if I’d notice a visible difference to my hair after blowdrying. I heard Gisele Bundchen always uses this technique even in colder months, so I thought it’s well worth a try again! Apparently coating the hair with coconut oil gives your hair more thickness and volume for a bouncier blowdry.

Coconut Oil is super enriching and not just great for the hair shaft and follicles but also for moisturising your scalp and preventing dandruff. It protects your hair from pollution (perfect if you live in London) and from the heat from a hair dryer. Groovy Company uses Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in their kit which is handpicked and from certified organic plantations, and free from impurities which I really like. (I’m definitely going to use this oil for cooking also!)



1) Take a large scoop (1 heaped tablespoon) of the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

2) Warm it in your hands to make it softer.

3) Apply to dry hair and using your hands and a wide tooth comb.

4) Tuck your hair up in a bun and wait at least 20 minutes to allow Coconut Oil to be absorbed into the hair and follicles. (Or do what I did and take an extra hour to catch up on Love Island…..)

5) Rinse hair thoroughly using any good shampoo, your hair will be silky soft so absolutely no need for conditioner.

6) Blowdry your hair as usual, I used a paddle brush as well as the round brush in the kit. (The clips that came with the kit were super useful for this!)

7) Enjoy your sexy, swishy, softer, supermodel hair.


My hair feels so much softer, I’d say softer than any moisturising treatment I’ve used before, I feel like I’d forgotten how good it is for your hair… and it my favourite part is it smells amazing. One thing I’d say from experience is that you have to really rinse your hair with shampoo or else it will look greasy if you haven’t thoroughly washed out the Coconut Oil.

The kit is available from Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons and Asda for just £5.99 which is an absolute bargain for the amount of Coconut Oil which comes in the kit.

Buy the Coconut Oil online HERE

Beijos! XXX