Look Like Millie Mackintosh… Interview with her Personal Trainer


Of all the gyms I’ve tried Fulham based Lomax is definitely one of my very favourites in London, (available on ClassPass.)

If you want to see someone there who will whip you up into perfect supermodel shape in no time look to none other than “The Transformation Coach” Mark Garlick, trusted by fitness devotee Millie Mackintosh as well as models and bloggers alike. I love scrolling through his workouts on his Instagram page @markzim88 where he shows his client’s work outs and helpful little tutorials. I was lucky enough to ask him a few quick questions about his routine which I’ve posted below. Enjoy!


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How did you get started on your fitness journey? 

My training started at the young age of 15 and was based around rugby strength and conditioning.

What is your training method and how does it differ from regular workouts?

My training method is purely based on clients goals. I will adapt it for every person and make sure I push all my clients to the limit of their abilities.

Who is the ideal candidate for your work out?

Ideally someone who is ready to change their life for the better and who is dedicated and committed to the process.

Your speciality is to transform the bodies of your clients, how long does a transformation take from start to finish?

If my client listens to me word for word and follows exactly what I say…. no longer than 6 weeks.

What do you think of the fitness revolution sweeping the UK and why do you think recently people are starting to become more fitness conscious?

People are more fitness conscious due to social media. Perfect bodies are shoved in our faces on a daily basis and this motivates people to get into fitness. The revolution is great as it means a healthier society with happier people!

How important is food when it comes to maintaining your fitness?

I would say food is 50% of the game and your training intensity is the other 50%.

What is the perfect post workout meal?

White rice and white fish.

Which female celebrity or athlete, has the best body at the moment?

Obviously my wonderful client Millie Mac 😉 (Below)

How can you balance a healthy lifestyle with enjoying yourself?

Exercise and moderation at all times!

What is the best thing about your job?

Changing peoples lives on a daily basis.

What’s working at Lomax like?

It’s best job the world. We are a family.

Finally: What is the one thing you can never exercise without?


To book Mark call 08715 120 770 or email mrkgarlick@gmail.com.

Instagram: @markzim88