Video – How To Peel a Mango with Levi Roots


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet Levi Roots while I was styling the food at a Reggae Reggae Sauce shoot. You may have seen the Jamaican food entrepreneur singing about his sauce on Dragons Den… I’ve always loved the sauce, I use it a lot for last minute marinades. Jamaican food is absolutely amazing and reminds me sooo much of food from Bahia in Brazil. We use a lot of the same marinades and spices in our dishes in Brazil as they do in the Caribbean and we also both use a lot of the same fruits in our cooking…. which is why I was absolutely stunned by this hack for peeling a mango which I’ve never seen before!

Amazingly I managed to get this quick video of him teaching the team how to peel a mango using a glass and I could not wait to share the video here! I’d never seen anything like it before and it’s so bloody clever!

I hate peeling mango, and I now use this tip all the time to save me time and effort!

(PS Thanks to 105 Photography for editing this video!)



  1. Cut off the mango “cheeks” aka the fattest park of the mango, cutting as close to the stone as possible.
  2. You should be left with two “cheeks.”
  3. Take one Mango cheek in the palm of your hand and press the cut fruit into the side of a glass, using the glass to peel the skin of the mango away from the flesh.
  4. Manouver the mango flesh into the glass, pressing hard to remove the skin.
  5. Voila! Remove the flesh of the mango from the glass and chop into slivers or chunks, depending on your preference.