Live The Process – Ballet Work Out Gear

A look from Live The Process fall 2015.

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that the fitness regime du jour for Supermodels world over is Barre. From Rosie Huntington Whitely (who goes to Ballet Bodies in LA) to Candice Swanepoel (who nearly went pro) they are all at it, sculpting their super-toned physiques, with a training regime which is a combination of pilates, ballet and cardio.

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My very favourite “Barre Gyms” in London are definitely Paola’s Body Barre and Barre Core (both available on Class Pass) I wasn’t a big fan of Slice in Parsons Green so if you’re planning on attending a class I’d try the first two instead.


But its not enough to do the workout…. if you really want to look like a supermodel in the the gym you need to have the gear.

Live The Process have the most beautiful outfits, specifically for Barre workouts, that I’ve ever seen… and which I’m sure would also look great for other workouts. The crop tops are great for the trainer to see that you’re actually working the tummy muscles and holding your model posture. I’ve been doing Barre at Paola’s & Barre Core for about a year and half & I’m not brave enough to work out in just a crop top yet…. but once I am I will definitely be investing in some of these babies! The collection is available on the very cleverly titled Net-a-Sporter.


Live The Rocess

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